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Why choose youngladydriver
YLD female car insurance motor policies have all the features that women drivers appreciate and demand including 24/7 motor claims assistance and opportunities for young women drivers to start building their own personal no claims bonuses / discounts on their first policy.

YLD is a women only car insurance company and we only offer our motor policies to the female driver. Insurance cover is quick and easy; choose for our 6 month female car insurance or our 12 month female driver motor policy.

Our female driver insurance is comprehensive and offers female drivers no claims discount (NCD), third party fire and theft and windscreen cover.

Give us a call on 0800 581 414 or get a female driver insurance quote online now!
6 months / 12 months insurance policies
New female drivers sometimes need a head start to get on the road. Especial female provisional drivers and student lady drivers. Female car insurance motor policies can be expensive to buy outright.

Young Lady Driver Motor Insurance provides a cost effective 6 month policy option that is a much cheaper insurance choice than buying twelve month cover straight away.

After 6 or 12 claim free months the policy can be renewed with the benefit of a No Claims Discount (NCD) that makes the next female driver insurance premium really good value cover. Young Lady Driver offers women only car insurance at competitive price with a choice of insurance policy periods.
No Claims Discount (NCD)
Insurance companies reward drivers who don't claim and Young Lady Driver proactively helps female drivers and new motorists get on the NCD ladder. Our women only car insurance gives female car insurance policy holders exceptional no claims discount after only 6 or 12 months.

After only 6 claim free months a policy renewal qualifies for a 25% No Claims Discount (NCD) and after the first 12 months the NCD is 35%.

Each year of claims free renewal after that gets a further no claims discount up to a maximum of 65%. Competitive renewal prices of women only car insurance.
Fully Comprehensive
The highest level of insurance cover, Young Lady Driver includes all the features and benefits you would expect from a leading motor insurance provider.
  • Accidental Damage or Malicious Damage to insured vehicles
  • Liability to Others - including Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Legal costs arising from an accident covered by this policy (and with our consent)
  • Replacement vehicle cover for new cars
  • Windscreen Damage - unlimited cover is provided through our 24 hour helpline 0870 241 4956
  • In-car entertainment equipment / navigation equipment cover
  • Courtesy car whilst repairs are carried out
  • Personal Accident and Personal Belongings cover
  • Medical expenses for driver and passengers injured while in insured car
Some sections of the Comprehensive Policy have Limits and/or Excesses. These are explained in full in the Insurance Policy

Download the Policy Summary or Full Policy Wording.
Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T)
At Young Lady Driver we offer a female car insurance policy of third party Fire and Theft. A suitable lesser level of cover recommended for older cars and where the vehicle value is less than £2,000.00.
  • Legal costs arising from an accident covered by this policy (and with our consent)
  • Liability to Others - including Third Party Property Damage
  • Fire and Theft damage to your vehicle
Some sections of the Comprehensive Policy have Limits and/or Excesses. These are explained in full in the Female Car Insurance Policy

Download the Policy Summary or Full Policy Wording.
Insurance Group up to Group 10
Insurance groups for motor cars range from group 1 - typically Citroen C1, Fiat Panda, Toyota Aygo etc, to group 20 which includes Ferrari and Lamborghini and the like.

The group is allocated according to engine size, performance, vehicle specification and price.

So unless you have something either very expensive or very fast, Young Lady Driver Car Insurance will almost certainly be able to cover your car.

If you can't find your car on our website quote engine don't give up.

Please call our Motor Insurance Administrator and quote "YLD" on 0800 581 414.
Insurance Group up to Group 10
We can quote on the website for cars under £10,000 but if your car is worth more don't despair.

Young Lady Driver has a specialist insurance team that can help female driver for insurance of high performance or vehicles with large engines.

Just call our Car Insurance Administrator and quote "YLD" on 0800 581 414.
Voluntary Excess Options - Comprehensive Policies only
An excess is the amount you must pay in the event of a claim - regardless of who is at fault. Sometimes it is possible to recover Excess payments from the party who is at fault (see Claims Recovery Service).

In addition to any specified compulsory excess amounts, Comprehensive Policy holders can lower their annual premium cost by including a voluntary excess as an additional feature.

A voluntary Excess can be up to £250 and you only pay if you make a claim on your policy.

For Comprehensive policies if you make a claim you must add the stated compulsory and voluntary excesses together to work out the total amount you must pay in the event of any claim made.

Voluntary excesses do NOT apply to Third Party, Fire and theft policies.
Windscreen Cover
Comprehensive policy holders get the benefit of Young Lady Driver windscreen cover.

There is no excess charge for windscreen repairs carried out by our approved contractor and no loss of No Claims Discount (NCD) in the event of replacement up to £100 in any one year.

The policy holder must pay the first £60.00 in the event of replacement.
Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) - Claims Recovery service (CRS)
When there's a need to claim on a motor policy there are always costs that the policy can't cover but which you may want to claim back from the other party.

In this situation, you will probably need legal assistance to recover money you've either spent or not earned - all because of someone else's actions.

  • Repair costs if your own policy doesn't cover you
  • The excess payable under your Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  • Costs of a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired
  • Compensation for injury or death
  • Compensation for damage to clothes, luggage or personal belongings
  • Medical fees / Loss of earnings / Loss of Use / Out of pocket expenses
Professional Insurance Administration
You need to know that you're being served by insurance professionals. Heath Insurance Services Ltd is a long established insurance administrator properly authorised and regulated under the FSA Code of Practice, FSA number 309230.

Young Lady Driver Car Insurance has retained Heath Insurance Services to provide for you the highest quality personal service as assistance.

You can speak to Heath Insurance Services by calling 0800 581 414 quote "YLD".

Click here to learn more about Heath Insurance services or the FSA.
Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Young Lady Driver Car Insurance is administered by Heath Insurance.

Heath Insurance, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

FSA number is 309230.

Our permitted business is advising on, arranging, transacting and administering general insurance contracts.

You can check this on the FSA's Register by visiting the FSA's website:

or by contacting the FSA on 0845 606 1234.